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We are looking beyond perfectly-poured beverages. Our continuous and cutting-edge innovation provides a unique total-sensory experience for all users.

The appeal of Self-Service:

  • No more limitations and no more warm beer! Pour only what you want and how much you want.
  • No cards left behind! Keep an “open tab” with a pre-paid DraftServ card, instead of leaving your credit card at the bar…and then remembering it’s there in the morning.
  • Save money! Control spending when you pay by the ounce. Tight on cash but want to buy that cute girl a drink? Get her a 5 ounce pour!
  • Advanced technology closely monitors temperatures & controls, to ensure your beverage is dispensed exactly the way its meant to be enjoyed.

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Increase Profitability

Proprietors and their profit are at the forefront of everything we do. Outside the unit, the DraftServ experience draws consumers in. Inside the unit, our world-class technology and Kegerators work to ensure less foam, tight temperature control, and decreased spillage.

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Increase your Bottom Line:

  • Decrease overall staff, while increasing personalized customer engagement
  • Manage inventory and have comfort knowing that drinks aren’t being “given away”
  • Double your consumption profit. Self-service customers, on average, are proven to consume twice as much volume than traditional full-service customer.
  • Increase keg yield from industry average of 75% to DraftServ average of 94%
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Show me the Data: Advanced Consumer Analytics

One of DraftServ’s most valuable software components is backend analytics. But, don’t worry, we speak your language! We are ‘beer guys’ accidentally turned ‘tech guys’. So, while advanced in offerings, we pride ourselves on data that is easy to understand, evaluate and act on.

Data you can use:

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Controlling the Self-Service Atmosphere

This is not a frat party! While seemingly contradictory at first, a self-service environment is actually more controlled, safer, and more responsible than a traditional service setting. Manage consumption and environment:

  • Security and age-gating at every point of purchase
  • Our training, support, organization and ongoing resources ensure a tightly-run operation.
  • Mobile units can be moved to any space and are designed to operate in all venues, including high traffic, high transaction locations.
  • Remotely control the environment with ability to deactivate equipment and individual DraftServ cards.
Draftserv in Use Draftserv in Use
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Unparalleled Branding & Advertising Opportunities

It is no doubt that DraftServ units draw attention; but our focus lies beyond the initial double-take. Our digital and print assets are created to captivate + engage consumers, and enhance the DraftServ experience…even when they’re just waiting to pour a beer.

Draftserv in Use

Increase your Bottom Line:

  • Utilize DraftServ’s unique advertising space for self-promotion or as an additional revenue source.
  • Units are entirely customizable from top to bottom. Do you have a vision? We will make it happen!
  • Each unit’s digital marketing assets can be designed and executed from our team of professionals, remotely, at any time.
  • Optimize brand acquisition through innovative, distinctive and manageable consumer experiences.
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Join our team! Grow with us, as we pave a new path for one of the largest industries in the world. We are passionate about beer, its history and traditions; but we are also exceptionally passionate about innovation, experimentation and the avant-garde. We are beer-people, but more importantly, we are entrepreneurs looking for a like-minded team of visionaries who aren’t afraid to push the limits, stay up late, travel the world on a whim, handle multiple projects, or dance in ice bars (Confused? We were too…but it happened!) Interested in ice bar dancing on no sleep? We'd love to hear from you!

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